The Restrictions of Being an NFL Cheerleader

In society, cheerleaders are often seen as idealized women who are always excited, peppy, and popular. Especially for professional cheerleaders, such as cheerleaders in the NFL, people look up to them in a variety of ways. Many men view them as sex objects and many woman strive to attain their levels of physical perfection. But, things may not always be so perfect for these beautiful, professional NFL cheerleaders.

These women are subject to many seemingly absurd rules, as defined by their contracts. The rules of each NFL team’s cheerleading squad varies, but there are many similarities that can be seen across the various guidelines that these women are subject to follow.

The Restrictions of Being an NFL Cheerleader

For one, many NFL teams place a specific rule in regards to weight. Cheerleaders must maintain their ideal weight throughout their time. There are also rules that state that body piercings and tattoos must be removed or covered at all times during the games.

Other restrictions are placed on them in regards to social media as well. These women are not allowed to associate themselves with the team by posting pictures in their team uniforms or post anything that the team deems to be even slightly inappropriate. One cheerleader, Bailey Davis, was released from working with the Saints because she had posted a picture to her personal Instagram account that the team felt was inappropriate.

Cheerleaders are also not really allowed to interact with their team’s players or following them on social media. Posing nude, semi-nude, or participating in bikini contests are also not allowed during the time that a cheerleader is contracted.


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