Ideas for Fun First Dates

First dates are an exciting and scary thing to plan. Meeting someone for a date for the first time will mean you’ll want to get to know each other, but ideally, you don’t want anything too intense. Here are some ideas for first dates which are fun and will help you learn more about each other.

Visiting a Museum or Gallery

This is a great choice for a first date, as you will have plenty to occupy yourselves with and talk about. Wandering around a gallery or museum is a good way to keep busy while remaining relaxed and chilled out, and you can ask each other’s opinions to help get to know each other better.

Going to a Zoo

Again, this is perfect for having enough things to do and see so that you’ll have plenty to talk about but you can take it all at your own pace and keep things nice and chilled. Seeing the animals and learning about them together is a lovely way to bond.

A Bowling Trip

This classic activity is a great choice when you want to get to know someone better. You can teach each other your tips and tricks for the perfect bowl, and having some competition is a good way to work out if there’s chemistry between you.


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