4 Fun and Easy Houseplants to Add to Your Home

Houseplants are a super popular choice for home decor. They look so great in any room and bring some freshness and life to the space. Many of them also have air filtering properties which are super beneficial to have in your home. If you’re looking for a houseplant to add to your living space, then here are some that are super fun and easy to look after.

Snake Plant

These quirky plants are called this due to their slightly scaly appearance and snake-shaped leaves. They can grow to be very big and look super stylish in any room. They’re also well-known for being very easy to look after. 


Also known as ‘Devil’s Ivy’, these bright plants can be hung up to let their leaves trail down or given a post to allow them to climb. They not only look amazing but are very easy to care for.

Spider Plant

These funky, bright plants are known for their iconic spiky leaves which spread out in all directions. They are fun and fresh and bring some style and life to any space. They are also fairly low maintenance.


These iconic plants are well-known by their other name ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ due to the big holes in their leaves. They are popular due to their stylish appearance and don’t need much attention to grow big and strong.


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