Netflix Making The Witcher Their Next Big Show

Adrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy series, The Witcher is becoming a big success with its intimidating mix of dark comedy and cynical tone. Netflix really seems to be going for the video game franchise and picked up the rights to the series based on the stories and novels about Geralt, the “witcher.”

In this fictional series, Geralt serves as a type of magical exterminator in the fantasy of medieval times. The show is filled with dragons, ghosts, goblins and all sorts of different mysterious creatures in which Geralt is there to protect you from, if you have the gold of course.

Witchers, as they are called, are medieval wizards who aren’t necessarily rich in money however very rich in skills. This is a very important topic and theme when it comes to the series. The show explicitly demonstrates many Polish politics including the anguish and struggle of the country throughout the time of World War 2. Fans are eager to know how the series will tackle the topic in their unique fantasy setting. Luckily, Netflix is actively promoting the show, which will give us the opportunity to see how it all turns out soon enough.


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