China’s Glass Bottom Bridge Prank Will Terrify You

China has managed to develop something particularly interesting to shatter the boundaries of our normal perceptions. A tour guide braving the East Taiheng Glasswalk, which is something that’s as famous as it gets, went through the shock of his life when the glass beneath his feet started to crack, promising nothing but a freefall which can only bring one thing. 

However, what the guide didn’t know is that this was all a simulation. There are sensors which track the people who come closer and start to simulate the visual and sound effects of shattering glass. 

While this might sound funny and interesting when you’re reading this from the safety of your home, imagine being hundreds of feet up in the air walking on a glass walk which starts to crack as suddenly as it gets. This is a terrifying surprise which is funny for everyone but those that it happens to. 

The 260 meters high glass walk is one of the most famous attractions in the Zhangjiajie National Forest park which is located in the Hunan province and this added feature just made it so much more interesting. 
And while this might be something that a lot of people would be terrified of, most of the tourists that go through it aren’t aware of it until it actually happens – that’s the actual beauty of it and that’s why it’s so terrifying. It’s real time shock observed in people who have absolutely no idea of what’s happening to them. 


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