Captian Marvel will Feature Clark Gregg

Pursuant to the leaked photos of Brie Larson appearing in his action costume, Marvel Studious has managed to confirm that the Captain Marvel movie is already in production. The studio shared a photo of the actor starring and debuting on the new roaster of the cast members who were attached. 

Some of the announced cast members include Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Larson, and others alike. The placement of Gregg towards the end of the cast line hints that he is likely to have a rather minor role. Chances are, though, that it’s likely to be larger than his previous appearances in the films of Marvel Studio. 

It goes without saying that Gregg’s return to the studio is a rather serious moment for a range of different reasons. His character was killed in the Avengers. Coulson has been one of the main characters in the series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. What is more, Captain Marvel actually took place in the 90s and this is unlikely to have a serious impact on the Avengers.

Nevertheless, fans of marver are likely to be hoping for more interactions between the big screen movies and the TV series and, as such, Coulson’s return to the movies is a hint that this might actually happen. 

We would like to remind that Coulson was killed in the Avengers by Loki, brother of Thor, after appearing for the first time in the Iron Man sequel. 


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