This Is Where The Game The Floor Is Lava Came From

If you grew up in the United States or have (teenage) kids, you might have heard of the game “The Floor Is Lava”. It’s been played for decades but no one really knew who came up with this hopscotch-like game. If you are one of those people who has been wondering for years who came up with the brilliant idea for “The Floor Is Lava”, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a new theory circling the web about the game’s origin.

According to a paper written by Tim Hwang, which was published on Social Science Research Network’s website, the game was invented in the second half of the twentieth century in the United States when the family room became popular.

It started with a few children who started playing the game in their home and took it to a next level by taking it to the streets to play it with their friends. It was a huge success and before they knew it the game went ‘viral’ and kids around the whole country were addicted to jumping off floors as soon as they heard someone say “the floor is lava!”.

This Is Where The Game The Floor Is Lava Came From

The reason behind the popularity of the game is that in the 1950s homes in the United States got a little bigger than they were before. Most homes now included a (larger) living room with different furniture for kids to jump onto while playing the game. They probably chose this room because their bedrooms were too small and didn’t have many items to jump onto.

Also, other rooms in the house (like the kitchen, their parents’ bedroom, etc.) were forbidden to hang out in, so the living room seemed perfect. As long as parents didn’t see their precious furniture being used for unexpected purposes, other than what they were made for!


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