This Guy’s Sending A Soldier 3,000 Cookies And The Reason Behind It Is Super Random

Comedian Mark Chalifoux sent 3,000 cookies to a soldier he never met after playing a joke out too far when he got a text from a stranger. He wrote a FB post to explain everything:

“A few months back, I was mistakenly included on some family’s group text. It was a pic of a little kid smiling with an old lady, and the text said “Always loves going to grammy’s!”

I responded with “Looks like he’s having a blast!” thinking they’d realize their mistake and remove me.

A day later, pic of the same kid, this time with a toy car, and a text that read “Of course I couldn’t resist buying it for him, fast and furious!” followed by a bunch of texts that were just like “aw, give him a smooch for me!”

I replied to that one with “I don’t know why I’m part of this, but I’m happy that kid got his car” and the person that started it replied “because you are family!”

About two weeks after that, it was a pic of four soldiers in front of a helicopter, with the text “Christian and his unit shipping out for six months.” Most of the responses were immediate, just “Wow, an officer and a gentleman, I pray for him every time we sing the anthem!” and stuff like that.

I replied “Which one is Christian?” thinking, clearly this will establish I had no business being included in this chain.

The person replied “third from the right” so I finally gave up and embraced it, and just said “A true patriot,”,which elicited a bunch of “Amens” and emojis from the rest of the group.

It’s been quiet for the last month, but today the person sent out a long text about how to send Christian a package while on deployment. Anyways, I guess my question is, what do you send in a care package to a complete stranger whose relatives don’t know how to text right?

At the end of It, the comedian just decided to make It up and just send the Guy the cookies. So He decided to send 3,000 Oreos, for real.


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