Batman and Robin: This Comic Team Is the Real Dynamic Duo

The event DC Comics Dark Knights: Metal should bring things to extremes. Dan DiDio (Co-publisher) told New York Comic-Con panel last weekend that, “DC could not lag behind and rely on [its] legacy.” For this reason, the writer team Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo job were to tell a story that has very real implications for all DCs.
Their current work is really cool, even for occasional comic fans. When people heard that Snyder and Capullo were back together for the event, they were thrilled. This team wrote remarkable stories of Batman as “Death of the Family” as well as “Court of Owls” and is one of Batmantle’s most famous teams ever made.
They clearly have deep admiration and mutual respect, and their friendship is tangible. They talk very well when they are apart, and they argue like a married couple when they are together.
When Snyder described the Metal event as “so many things”, enthusiastically talking about complexity [sometimes to despair] history Capullo further said: “Believe me, there’s so much”, clearly exhausted by this aspect of the book.
Mashable when asked how these layers affect many narrative levels of the book. Capullo said, “If I survive, I think I could probably survive a nuclear war to zero because it’s difficult”
Capullo said, “We’re back from time to time to strangle him; it’s not all peaches and cream.” While Snyder giggled, he refuted, “All good marriage, all good marriage.”


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