Telemundo Buys Spanish Language Rights to World Cup

For the years past, Univision has held the Spanish language rights to the World Cup in the United States. This means that they were the sole station allowed to operate and show the World Cup with the use of Spanish commentary and coverage. Because of this, the Spanish speaking and Spanish preferred audience of the United States all tuned into Univision to watch the World Cup  games. Univision’s audience increased immensely during their time as the Spanish language rights holders to showing the games in the United States.

However, Telemundo, a competitor of Univision has acquired the Spanish language rights to the World Cup in the United States. The Hispanic market in the United States is huge and Telemundo will now undoubtedly gain many channel viewers during the world cup.  Soccer is also just one of the most popular sports to watch among Spanish speaking audiences. Therefore, by acquiring the Spanish language broadcast rights for the upcoming Russia World Cup and the next few World Cups as well, Telemundo has jumped on an incredible opportunity that will increase their viewership immensely. Because of this new opportunity and expected increased viewership, Telemundo is working on a 2018 World Cup campaign that will be featured next summer. So, if you are looking to watch the 2018 World Cup in Spanish, make sure to tune into Telemundo to get all of your commentary and coverage needs.


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