How to Dress for A Summer Wedding

Summer weddings can be not so friendly to those who are aiming to look their best during a wedding, especially if it’s an outdoor venue. But, it’s easy to look great with these what to wear for summer wedding guidelines.

A great suit can make or break your appearance, so make sure to get something quality. Just keep it modest, no need to be too flashy. Next is the tie; find one that matches the outfit. If you’re going to be attending several weddings then aim for a neutral color that can go with different shirts.

Third is an item most wouldn’t think about: sunglasses. Get a great set of aviators or something stylish to not only keep the sun out of your eyes but look great while doing it.

Dress socks are up fourth and even though most people may not see them, it’s best to have best for the occasion. Try to keep them simple and remember to keep them at about half-calf with softer tones to go with your outfit.

Fifth is footwear, which will probably have the most physical impact on you at the wedding. You need something that’s stylish and comfortable for when you get on the dance floor for a couple of hours. Loafers are a great choice for this as they look snazzy while being comfortable.

Last up is the pocket square, the smallest but equally important piece of a suit. Done correctly, the pocket square should accentuate the outfit with a new color or new pattern related to the outfit.



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