Steph Curry Signs The First $200 Million Deal With The Warriors

The back-to-back 2015 and 2016 unanimous NBA Most Valuable Player has just signed the fattest contract in NBA history. Steph Curry has managed to amaze us again by agreeing to a 5 year $201 Million deal with the Golden State Warriors.

There was much suspense with many of the NBA stars and where they would sign as free agency came around the corner, but Steph was one that did not worry us too much. On July 1, news broke that Steph would be back with the Warriors for another 5 years, this time making the largest pay check of NBA history. For the last 4 seasons, Steph had been paid a total of $44 million, but this time he will be averaging $40.2 million in each of the next 5 seasons.

Curry has only been in the league for 8 years so far, but he has sure already left his mark. He just recently won his second NBA championship, making it to the finals for the past 3 years. Curry’s supermax contract has generated much noise and excitement amongst the public. LeBron James, an opponent and one of Golden State’s biggest rivals, even congratulated Steph on twitter.

These large contracts will become way more popular in the upcoming years, which is a huge bonus for many of the greats in the league. 


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