Sony Creating Censored Versions of Their Films

Of course, whenever a film is released there is always someone who thinks it is too inappropriate or dirty to watch. Apparently, Sony has decided to take the next step in censoring some of its movies and marketing a “clean” version.

It has been reported by Yahoo that Sony will be putting its broadcast TV and airline edits of its movies up for sale. It will be noted as extras for all the digital purchases not as standalone films. Sony is experimenting this with 24 of its films including the entire Spider Man franchise. However, Sony didn’t realize a few issues how filmmakers will object to these cuts. Even the questions of whether people will be satisfied with these cuts have come into the matter.

Some film visions will not be displayed in the way it was intended to be if these cuts were made. It can ruin an entire theme and even the plot if certain points were to be removed. Some films just aren’t meant for certain people. Take Hancock for example, Will Smith is portrayed as a profane and drunken parody of Superman. That simply can’t be altered without changing the entire plot. Genres exist for a reason that way people can like what they want to like. No need to change to impress certain people in the audience.


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