Patrick Stewarts Picard Is Set to Return in an All New Series of Star Trek

Earlier this summer, CBS’s All Access streaming service has unveiled plans for four Star Trek series. Now, leaked information suggests that CBS is trying to convince Sir Patrick Stewart, the star of Star Trek: The Next Generation series, to boldly go where nobody has gone before again as a Federation captain. According to our information, the main issue was related to the paycheck. Fortunately, CBS executives gave the order to “make it happen!” during the Star Trek convention this year.

According to Stewart himself, Captain Jean-Luc Picard will be returning to the Star Trek franchise, starting with the first new Star Trek (yet unnamed) series that will debut on All Access. According to the Twitter account of Star Trek, the new series will cover a new chapter in the life of Captain Picard and will be set 20 years after the events unfolded in Star Trek: Nemesis.

Patrick Stewart also tweeted that he is anxious to bring this pertinent, fresh and unexpected story to life with the help of the creative artists behind the scenes. In other words, Star Trek fans can now be certain that Picard will indeed return to the franchise.
The news that four new Star Trek series was in the works at the CBS network has sparked a heated debate. It was clear that the series is intended to be run on the network’s streaming service, All Access. Now we have more information about the crew working on these fresh series.

Alex Kurtzman, a man with an impressive portfolio that includes working on Dark Universe and Transformers movies, is supervising all 4 shows. Also working on the Trek series are James Duff (a new producer of Discovery), Akiva Goldsman (exec producer of Discovery), Kirsten Beyer (a Discovery writer), and Michael Chabon (renowned author and screenwriter).

According to Patrick Stewart, he first declined to rejoin the Star Trek universe. However, after watching The Next Generation series again, he couldn’t pass the opportunity. There are no scripts at the time of writing, according to Stewart, but storylines are being actively discussed.


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