The 2016 Olympic Games Will Make Groundbreaking History

It became a tradition that every time the Olympic Games are celebrated a new sport is added to the program. Actually, since the beginning of the modern games on 1896, only 5 sports have been consistent on every Summer Olympic Games: Swimming, Fencing, Cycling and of course the most favorites – Athletics and Gymnastics.

For the 2016 Rio games 7 sports battled to join the prestige status: roller sports, karate, softball, baseball, squash, golf and rugby union. After much deliberation only the last 2 had been chosen to be added to the 2016 games.

For golf fans this is an historic moment as the sport did not take part in the Olympic Games since the St. Louis games on 1904. Both men and women will compete on the new state-of-the-art Rio golf course.

The rugby version you will see in Rio is the Rugby Seven which allow a faster and shorter games then the 15 player known version, tournaments for women and men groups will be held on the new rugby arena built for the 2016 games.


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