New Droid Announced for Star Wars: Rogue One

Lucasfilm has debuted the newest droid to join the Star Wars universe, and it looks like R2-D2 won’t be too happy about it. C2-B5, also an astromech, only on the Empire’s site, can be seen in the image and will make his debut in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

As announced by Lucasfilm, C2-B5 doesn’t have the same luxuries as Star Wars’ most famous astromech. C2-B5, for example, is mostly in charge of ensuring that the machinery that powers the Imperial army is working and kept up to date, maintenance-wise, so that evil plans can be carried out without mechanical fail. The C2-B5 droids have to undergo semi-regular memory wipes in order to keep them from rebelling. The Imperial technicians are not allowed to grant their droids independence, something that R2-D2 has quite a bit of in his own life.

Rogue One, which follows a group of Rebel operatives, as they try to steal the plans to the Death Star, hits theaters December 2016.


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