Masters Goes Old School, Opts Not to Use New Tech

Our world is so, completely consumed by technology. Smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices have taken over and it doesn’t seem like this adoption of technology is slowing down any time soon. Movies are no longer being purchased at stores in the form of VCRs or DVDs and are instead being streamed online. People have stopped having face to face job interviews and have resorted to talking over the phone or through use of Facetime in order to discuss qualifications.

Basically, technology rules every aspect of the developed world. However, at the Masters, that’s not the case. One caddie was standing behind the National’s 13th hole this past Monday, scribbling all of his notes in a small notebook when he overheard a woman ask her husband what the books that the caddies were scribbling in were for.

The caddie made his way over to the couple and explained that this notebook is where he writes down all of his notes about the hole that he would then relay to his player.

The woman responded with; “What good does a book do?”. Clearly, she, as many others, have been swept up by the easy accessibility that the multitude of technology available has to offer. Other tournaments offer more computerized versions of these books that are aimed to aid player to know exactly how to go about their put.

However, in a world where technology is so prevalent, it is nice to see some remanence of a simpler, less computerized world as seen at the Masters.


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