Man Escaped London Terrorist Attack Without Spilling a Drop of His Beer

Terror has sprung in London shortly after the Manchester attack. On Saturday, seven people were brutally killed and 48 were injured due to a van and knife attack near the London Bridge. Many videos and photos were captured by witnesses on the scene trying to escape the situation. However, in one specific photo that was taken of a crowd, one man stood out. Due to nearby bars being evacuated, a men has fled the scene in full fear with a beer in his hand.

The man is known to be Paul Armstrong from Merseyside according to the Liverpool Echo. A relative explained that alcohol is way too overpriced and since he wasn’t injured why waste his perfectly good beer? “So that guy with the pint? Yes, that’s the elusive Paul Armstrong. That’s what happens when you’re a Scouser paying London pint prices.” This brought some major inspiration over to social media. I’m sure if I were out in an expensive city I would do the same.

This guy has created quite of a character for himself and everyone on Twitter is talking about him and his confidence. Twitter users are calling this act simply funny and admirable and definitely British.


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