Loneliness Is The Biggest Threat To Mens Health

Through the internet, TV, and other forms of media, it is no surprise that when asked if people can identify the top reasons for death in the United States, it’s pretty easy for them. Commercials and ads continuously promote products and warnings about the hazardous effects of smoking, obesity, and many other forms of unhealthy factors. However, while these threats may drastically inhibit a man in his forties to living life to his fullest potential, these aren’t the biggest threats to his health.

Surprisingly, loneliness is the biggest factor affecting a middle-aged man’s health. Most men, by the time they have reached their forties, have acquired many buddies over the years. But while they may go to a basketball game or to a bar with those buddies sometimes, they often fail to develop meaningful connections and friendships.

Loneliness Is The Biggest Threat To Mens Health


Many men have put their wives and children first, and have therefore slacked on maintaining contact with even their best bros. Men in their forties are also constantly working and when they aren’t at their 9-5 job, they may even take an hour or so of “me time” to work out or read or do something that they enjoy.

And when you factor all of that together, there isn’t a ton of friend time left over. So, if you are a man in your forties, consider making more of an effort to connect with your friends and hang out with them regularly in order to avoid loneliness. It is important to continue developing friendships, even if you have a lot going on in your life.


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