Is The iPhone The New Razor?

Approximately ten years ago, in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the concept of the iPhone into the technology market. Since then, Apple and other brands have constantly been evolving their technology to meet increasing consumer needs and digital advances.

It was just 10 years ago when Razors were the coolest phones out there, flip phones were still acceptable to use, and homes had more desktops than laptops.

Just think of how much has changed in the last ten year in terms of introduction of technology. Websites are able to personalize banner advertisements to reach each individual consumer, DVDs are all but distinct, and textbook content has been transferred to an electronic form that students can easily access on virtually all of their electronic devices.

It is crazy to think about the rapid rate in which technology has changed and shifted in recent years. And you know what? That change is still happening. Now more than ever, brands are researching new ways to be the “next best thing”. Phones with eye sensors allow you to lock your phone with a single look, laptops have become touch screens, and virtual reality is becoming more apparent in the advertising and media industry.

And while technology companies have taken huge strides to create all of these new and cool innovations, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for what exactly is going to be released next.

With the increased availability to technology and the extremely creative and intelligent minds currently working together to engineer and develop all sorts of interesting programs, products, and apps, the next few years will undoubtedly introduce a whole new spread of technology products that may even make the iPhone the new Razor.


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