How to Sleep Well in the Summer Months

The summer season heralds the return of warmer weather and longer days, and for many people it is simply the best season. However, the heat and light can impact sleep, leading to many of us feeling groggy and irritable by the afternoon. If your sleep is suffering from the light mornings and increased temperature, check out these tips on improving your slumber.

Silk Bedclothes

Silk pillowcases are currently being promoted as one of the best ways to manage frizzy hair, but silk has an added bonus in that the natural fabric can help to regulate your temperature as you sleep. If investing in all-silk bedclothes is too costly, prioritize a silk duvet cover as this will impact your body temperature the most.

Black-Out Blinds

If you can’t afford to have black-out blinds installed to deal with the increased light, purchase a pair of light-blocking curtain liners instead. This are very easy to install and generally much cheaper than blinds. They won’t block all of the light, but a significant reduction can be enough to improve your sleep quality.

Eye Mask

A silk eye mask can work wonders when it comes to improving the length and quality of your sleep. Find one that won’t slip off your face as you sleep, and you can experience blissful rest right up until your morning alarm wakes you.


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