3 Creative Ways to Use Wax Paper Around the House

Did you know that wax paper can do more than just keep your sandwiches fresh? This kitchen staple is often overlooked, but it’s packed with potential for solving everyday dilemmas around your home. Let’s dive into some unexpected and super handy tips.

Easing Stuck Zippers

Wax paper can be a lifesaver for dealing with stuck zippers on jackets, bags, or even jeans. Simply rub a piece of wax paper along the teeth of the zipper. The wax transfers onto the tracks and acts as a lubricant, easing the sliding motion and reducing squeaks. 

Protecting Surfaces While Painting

Wax paper is a great solution for keeping paint off surfaces. Because of its water-resistant properties, wax paper can be used to protect doorknobs, hinges, and hardware during home painting projects. Simply cover these areas with wax paper and secure it with painter’s tape. 

Sharpening Garden Tools

Gardeners will appreciate this lesser-known use of wax paper. By using wax paper to clean and sharpen the blades of garden tools, not only do you prolong their life, but you also improve their performance. Rubbing your shears, spades, and other metal tools with wax paper removes dirt and grime and leaves behind a thin layer of wax, which prevents rust and keeps the blades sharp. 


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