3 Ways to Wear Socks and Sandals

In case you missed it, socks and sandals are going to be huge news this summer season. It’s been a few years since the controversial combo made the move from being awkward and ever so slightly geeky to the pinnacle of cool, but this year the styling trick is about to take off with a range of ways to wear it. Check out these three ways to style your socks and sandals, so you’ll have plenty of combos to try once the weather heats up. 

Sparkly Socks, Sensible Sandals

So much fashion and styling is about finding the right combination of items to avoid pitching too far into a single territory – sparkly socks and feminine sandals could end up looking a little saccharine and twee, but by matching cute sparkles with serious, sensible straps, you can create a cool, winning look. For bonus points, select your sparkly socks in a bright, fun color to draw attention to your impeccable styling.

Hiking Socks, Strappy Sandals

This is almost the reverse of the previous look. Select some thick, chunky knit hiking socks and pair these with your most delicate sandals to create a stylishly interesting juxtaposition. Not only does this look great, the thick socks will protect your feet if your strappy sandals are not the most comfortable shoes in the world. 

Clogs With Sneaker Socks

For an unexpected yet cool combo, pair some clogs or mules (last year the Boston clogs by Birkenstocks were the most listed after shoes of the summer) with some simple, sleek sneaker socks. This look works perfectly for a casual stroll to the shops or to sit and read a book in the park. Practical, casual and cool, this look really does tick all the boxes. 


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