How to Master Ombre Eyeshadow

If you pay attention to beauty trends, you may have noticed that the ombre lip was big news this year. Delivering a pop of graduated color, it’s a great way to add a little drama and interest to your everyday look. Hot on the heels of the ombre lip is ombre eyeshadow, which uses a similar concept and technique to add depth and interest to your eyes. Check out these tips on how to master this trend and make your eyeshadow pop.

Light Base

The most effective ombre eye looks begin with a light base. Don’t forget to prep your lids with a good primer (and give it time to set), then layer a cream, white, or pastel base color over your entire lid. Opt for a matte finish rather than a shimmer, as this will have longer staying powder and the other eyeshadow shades you layer over it will grip it better.

Build Color

Once your base is done, choose a color to layer over. Build up from the outer corner of your eye, as this is where you want the color to be darkest, then sweep the powder towards the middle of your eye. Blend out with a clean brush, to create a seamless effect. If you’re going for several colors, begin with the lightest and build up to the darkest tone.

Set It

The effect of your ombre eye will be lost if the shades bleed into each other, so complete the look with a high-quality setting spray. Mist the spray about eight inches from your face, keeping your eyes closed so the product covers your eyeshadow.


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