How to Deal With the 25 Years Old Crisis

When as I kid you pictured yourself being 25, you imagined being an adult, having a stable job, maybe a partner soon to be married with. However, in reality, now that you actually are 25 years old you don’t feel like you have reached stability in any aspects of your life.

You’re still looking for your soulmate in between some Tinder swipes, are working your ass off at your entry level job or writing the thesis for your master’s degree and you continuously need to google stuff like “how to put gentle cycle in the laundry machine.” If it can be of any consolation, you’re not alone in this.

All 25 years old go through the same crisis stage and hopefully laughs about it a couple of years after. Instead of getting anxious for what’s missing, try to enjoy the rollercoaster, the unknown, the magic of not being sure of what’s going to happen tomorrow, the freedom of being able to change paths or even hometown.

Embrace every minute of it because before you know it, you will be living in a house, going to the same office every day and raising your kids with every day less time for yourself. And even if all of it might sound appealing to you now, it will also have its negative aspects.

So enjoy your 25 years, the rest will come.


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