Homeless Teen Bikes 6 Hours and Sleeps in Tent to go to College

Now here’s one to get your determination going.

19-year-old Fred Barley has become an inspiration to many students, after his story was made public. He biked more than 50 miles and slept in a tent outside campus to make sure he registered for classes on time.

Two police officers found him tented up in his college grounds. But before taking him into custody, they listened to his story—and it was a good thing they did. “We get to talking with him asking where he’s from and he tells us story of bike ride from Conyers. I’m like man this is crazy,” said Officer Richard Carreker. Officer Carreker believed him and he, along with another officer, put Fred in a motel room for two nights, out of their own pocket. “He was deeply thankful he wasn’t going to sleep in that tent,” said Carreker.

Across town, over at DB’s Pizzeria, owner Debra Adamson was also hearing about Fred’s story. “Something just said ‘Help him,’” said Adamson. “She hired me on the spot. She didn’t even know my first or last name,” Barley said fighting back the laughter of sheer joy. Inspired by his determination, more people are now offering help and encouragement to Fred, whose luck seems to have definitively turned for the better.


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