Fornite – An Explanation for Those of Us Who Dont Know

Have you noticed your friend, boyfriend, father, brother, significant other, or basically any man in your life, starting to disappear in recent months?

The co-op sandbox survival game, Fortnite Battle Royal, might have something to do with it. Released in July of 2017, the game has been sweeping through the homes, apartments, and basements of males ranging from 13-45 everywhere.

Fornite - An Explanation for Those of Us Who Dont Know

What is the appeal of this video game, one might ask? Well, let’s start with the basics. Fortnite Battle Royale takes place in the contemporary world when a worldwide storm eliminates 98% of the population to disappear and zombies exist to attack those who remain. Up to 4 players can cooperate together to go on missions to combat this, collecting resources and building structures along the way.

Fornite - An Explanation for Those of Us Who Dont Know

Most describe the pull to the game as something one could only understand if they played it. The statistics of the game’s popularity are speaking for themselves. The game is free to download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and even iPhone and iPad, and continues to attract players due to updates such as meteor showers in the game or removals or additions of weapons.

A Google Trends interest index shows an ever-increasing fascination beginning in April before its release well into the spring and summer months with the game as a topic of discussion online. Further contributing to the discussion of this game is its ability to distract its users from others. It is not surprising to read an article called “Quit Letting Fortnite Ruin Your Relationship” and watch it go viral. With the mobile versions on Apple and Android Products, using it with more frequency is easier than ever.

Verdict – you’ll probably have to play it to see what the hype is all about.


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