Cris Cyborg Asks For Tag Team with Ronda Rousey Over Twitter

Cris Cyborg is a 145-pound fighter whose dream is to battle against longtime champion, Ronda Rousey. However, due to her lower weight, she never is able to and Rousey has been known to point that out to her every time Cyborg starts talking smack to her.

Seeing as how they probably won’t ever get to fight each other in the ring, or at least for a while, Cyborg has decided to take the next logical step in fulfilling her dreams of fighting Rousey. Cyborg wants to take Rousey on in a pro-wrestling setting. Rousey has always been a huge fan of the WWE and many of her fans believe that she would excel at it. She even participated in the WrestleMania 31.

Cyborg has been dabbling in pro-wrestling a lot lately as well. She has been training with “Gabi” from TNA’s WWE’s Tough Enough. After much hard work and praise from Gabi, Cyborg took to Twitter to call out Rousey. Her tweet wrote, “I have a tagteam partner @RaquelTNA now all @RondaRousey needs is one @wwe and we can #RoyalRumble”. Safe to say, she is asking Rousey to duel, as usual.


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