5 Best Ways to Save Money on Museum Tickets During Your Travels

Visiting a museum during your travels is a good idea because it’ll help you gain a new appreciation of the country that you’re in. Unfortunately, tickets for some of the world’s leading museums don’t come cheap, but there are several tricks you can use to save some money on your next museum visit.  

Choose Carefully

Museum fatigue is very real so stick to only exploring museums that you really want to see and save some money by skipping the rest.

Free Museums

Most major cities offer a few museums that you can explore free of charge, so do some research and try to discover them if you’re traveling on a budget.

Free Days

Even some of the major museums offer free admission on certain days, so check if that’s the case with the one you want to visit. Keep in mind this is a double-edged sword because lines tend to be pretty long on free days.

Great Discounts

Certain groups of visitors, such as students and families with children, can get discounts at most museums, going all the way up to 50%.

Museum Passes

If museum fatigue doesn’t scare you and you want to explore as many museums as possible, consider buying a museum pass that you can use to visit several different museums for cheap.


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