3 Tips for First-Time Surfers

Surfing is often perceived as a challenging sport, but it’s actually more accessible than you might think. While it certainly requires balance, endurance, and patience, with the right approach, even first-time surfers can quickly get the hang of riding the waves.

The Right Equipment

As a novice, your best option is a longboard. Longer, wider, and thicker than other types of boards, longboards offer greater stability and are easier to paddle, which is essential for catching waves. They also have a larger surface area, making it easier to maintain balance when you’re standing up.

Master the Basics on Land 

Before you hit the waves, it can help to practice the basics on land. This includes your paddling technique and the pop-up, the movement of going from lying on the board to standing. Start by lying on your board with your hands by your shoulders. Push your body up and bring your feet quickly under you, assuming a low, stable stance.

Surf Etiquette and Safety

Lastly, understanding surf etiquette and safety is vital. This includes knowing who has the right of way on a wave, not dropping in on someone else’s wave (surfing a wave someone else is already riding), and always being aware of your surroundings to avoid collisions.


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