3 Reasons Why You Should Always Change Your Shoes at the Gym

There are some gym etiquette rules that every fitness lover should follow, and changing your shoes before hitting the machines is one of them. You might find it unnecessary if you’re still a beginner, but there are several reasons why having a designated pair of gym shoes is a good idea.

Keep It Clean

No matter how clean your everyday shoes may be, they still won’t be as clean as a designated pair you only wear at the gym. By wearing your regular shoes at the gym, you’ll just be bringing the dirt inside, and that’s one of the big no-nos of gym etiquette.

Better Performance

Unless you’re wearing high-performance shoes on an everyday basis, your regular shoes aren’t the right fit for your workouts. You should always look for a separate pair that can withstand the test of time even after being subjected to intense workouts.

Long-Lasting Shoes

Speaking of shoes that will withstand the test of time, your gym shoes won’t wear down as fast as you only wear them at the gym. You can significantly prolong their lifespan by not wearing them on an everyday basis, especially if you decide to buy one of the pricier models.


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