Who Knocked Robert Downey Jr. Off the Top of the Highest Paid Actor List?

It’s hard to compare celebrity success by fame, but money is an entirely different matter. Sure awards are nice, and talent doesn’t come easy, but in the end what we’re really impressed by is cold hard cash. Even mid-level actors rake in plenty of cash, and the top ones make more than we can imagine, so we don’t really feel bad ranking them. And rank them we do.

For the past three years Robert Downey Jr. has topped the list. But now his reign has been ended by professional Baller Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who made $64. Robert Downey Jr. made a “measly” $31.5 million and dropped to number eight on the list. Meanwhile, Jackie Chan made $61 million this year, thanks to his many blockbusters in China.

Sure, when you get to a certain point, these numbers start losing meaning, but hey, a guy can dream.


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