Threads is the Latest Social Media App Taking the World By Storm, But is it Here to Stay?

Thousands of new apps emerge every day, but only a rare few make an actual impact. With 80 million downloads just two days after its release, the new Meta app Threads seems to be making a real impact, but will it manage to stand the test of time?

Threads was launched on July 5, as a sister app to Instagram, and it quickly built an impressive user base. It became the most rapidly downloaded app of all time, breaking the record previously held by ChatGPT, but what’s the big deal, and will this app live up to the hype?

Part of the reason why so many people were quick to download Threads is the social media conglomerate behind it. Meta also gave us such hit apps as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and Threads is actually an Instagram-adjacent app so it was super-easy to install it if you already have an Instagram account.

Another reason why Threads experience such a huge boom is the fact it was introduced as Twitter’s main competitor. Many think pieces described it as the “Twitter killer” because Meta launched is a perfect time, as more and more users get increasingly disappointed by Twitter’s recent changes.

Twitter and Threads are both text-based conversation apps, and the similarities behind them are uncanny. Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be happy about it, and it was recently announced that Twitter threatened legal action over Meta’s new app, putting its future in jeopardy.


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