Margot Robbie’s “Barbie” Press Tour Was as Spectacular as the Film Itself

The Promo tour for Barbie was one wild ride, and no one sold this film better than its leading lady Margot Robbie. She was on top of her game at every promo event and delivered some show-stopping red carpet looks along the way.

Sydney Promo Event

We knew that we were in for a fashion treat when Robbie used one of the early promo events in her home country to recreate the iconic black and white swimsuit worn by the original Barbie.

Seoul Promo Event

Robbie was on a mission to show the world she’s truly a human embodiment of Barbie while promoting the movie in South Korea. Versace helped her pull double duty and perfectly recreate the “Day to Night” Barbie look from the ’80s.

Mexico Promo Event

Robbie’s press tour looks were inspired by Barbie’s outfits from many different eras, and Balmain helped her take us straight back to the ’90s with this corseted mini-dress, paired with statement earrings and a matching chain belt.

Los Angeles Premiere

After a series of pink outfits, the Oscar-nominated actress took a break from Barbie’s signature color in LA. She attended the world premiere in a dazzling black Schiaparelli gown, which paid homage to “Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie from 1960.

London Premiere

As the press tour neared its final stage, Robbie stayed on top of her game in London and delivered one of her very best looks in a show-stopping corseted Vivienne Westwood gown.


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