How Did Nicolas Cage’s Career Come To This?

Nicolas Cage has a long, and prolific career, appearing in more than 80 (!) movies. The Coppola family member has grabbed one Oscar and been nominated for another and has also had the honor of becoming an internet meme. Unfortunately, although the star of beloved action and dramatic movies, it seems Cage’s career has recently taken somewhat of a downward turn, as he appears in more and more forgettable fair. The root of this problem, apparently, is in financial difficulties resulting from a shoddy accountant and a penchant for buying expensive houses.

These days Nicolas Cage appears in more jokes about poor script choices than in hit movies, but don’t forget that he was in some major ones earlier in his career. Adaptation, Raising Arizone and Face/Off just to name a few. Some mark the turning point of Cage’s career with 2006’s The Wicker Man, which led to a dreadful streak of gag-inducing bombs like Ghost Rider, Dying of the Light, Knowing, and Left Behind. His Kick-Ass performance showed that somewhere in there is the actor we knew and loved, and hopefully, we can get him back one day.


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