Hiking Backpack Basics

Love to hike but not sure what to pack without having too much weighing you down? Here’s a list of exactly what you should bring every hiking trip.

Hiking Backpack Basics


Although most people use their phones as a GPS nowadays, make sure to print out a map of your hike in case you lose battery or cell service. Make sure someone not going on the hike knows the path you will be taking just in case of emergencies. A compass is always wise to have but not necessarily needed for smaller shorter hikes.

Hiking Backpack Basics


If you’re doing an all-day hike, make sure to pack enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks in between. Cliff bars are a very good source of protein and keep people full and energized. Don’t bring anything too sugary on the hike, otherwise, it will just slow you down.


Nothing is worse than having backpack straps sitting on a major sunburn. Make sure to cover up in advance to the hike and as needed during it. Bringing a hat too is not a bad idea to prevent your scalp from burning and keeping the sun out of your eyes.


Make sure to be carrying at least two liters of water with you during your hike. It is very important to stay hydrated, especially if it’s hot and the sun is out. Continue to drink water throughout the whole hike, even if you’re not thirsty. You could be dehydrated without even realizing it, and this will just cause any unnecessary accidents.

Hiking Backpack Basics

Rain Gear

Make sure to check the weather before your hike. Regardless, you should bring some sort of poncho or rain jacket just in case there is some unpredicted weather coming through. A rain cover for your backpack too is not a bad idea, just to ensure that everything inside will remain dry.

Hiking Backpack Basics

Emergency Kit

Your first aid kit should have everything from Neosporin and bandages to a whistle and a flashlight. You never know what could happen on the hike, and it is best to be prepared for any situation.


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