7 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

Girls think that guys can read their minds and are legitimately shocked when they don’t. While every girl is different, there are universal things that girls wish guys knew. Some of these things may seem redundant but they are important to keep in mind if you want to keep your girl.

1. Girls Hate Liars: the thing about lies is that there’s never just one lie. It may start out as one lie but then they just begin to pile up and you’re lost in this web of lies. It’s also important to note that girls know everything.

They can tell when you’re lying and once they have even the smallest inkling that you’re lying, they go into full detective mode and they will find out. If you lie, you will most likely lose her. So, better to just be honest and get in front of it, whatever it is. Moreover, if you tell the truth then the girl will gain much more respect for you and feel that she can trust you no matter what happens.

7 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew


2. Style is everything: girls are much more attracted to men who look good. They like men who care about how they look good (not too much though) and take care of themselves. Specifically, belts and shoes make the man.

After looking at your face, that’s the first two things girls notice about a guy. Not only that, but a nice belt and shoes automatically makes your outfit look more put together.

7 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew


3. Laughter > Muscles and Looks: As much as girls like to have something good to look at, guys overestimate how important looks are. If it’s a one-time thing then yeah looks matter but when it comes to a relationship, it’s about making each other happy and keeping each other interested.

Looks get boring after awhile. Having a personality and being able to make her laugh is how you keep the girl. She’ll just keep wanting more of you. Women are very emotional, so how a guy makes them feel plays a huge part in whether or not they’re going to stay with you.

7 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

4. Smell good: you may think that girls don’t notice, but girls notice everything. If you have a good smell it will forever be engrained in her mind. It will be your smell and whenever she smells it, she’ll think of you. That doesn’t mean to choose a girly scent so she likes it.

Girls like a man who is a man. It’s okay for it to be a manly, piney smell – just make it your own. It’s also okay to try a bunch and figure it out, once you find your smell – you’ll know.


5. ALWAYS make the first move: yes, times are changing but girls still love when the guy makes the first move. They love a guy with initiative and a guy who knows what he wants and goes after it. There is nothing more attractive. Girls also make it pretty clear when they want you to make the first move.

If she wants you to come over to her then she’ll continue to look over at you. If you’re on a date and she wants you to kiss her then she’ll keep moving closer to you. If she’s not giving you any body language, then don’t make the move. It’s important to be intuitive.

7 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

6. Give her space: there’s a stigma that girls want their boyfriends to be obsessed with them at all points of the day but this is untrue. She doesn’t want to be your top priority all of the time. It’s important to know that your girl needs her space.

Sometimes it can be hard to give them space when you really like the girl. It’s important to note that absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, if you do give her space then she’ll appreciate the fact that you are trying to make her happy and she’ll also miss you.


7. Being a nice guy: the ultimate source of women’s frustrations is nice guys. If you’re too nice – they hate you, if you’re not nice at all – they hate you. It’s a tough balance. It’s important to be kind to your girl but to also be able to let loose and have fun. Just be pleasant to be around, don’t try too hard to be nice but be cognoscente of her feelings.


It’s important to be aware of these things; they may be small things but to a girl they could make or break the relationship.


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