Eminem Is Set To Release A New Album In The Near Future

Rumors have been stirring for a little while about the possibility of a new album from Eminem, but these rumors have finally been confirmed. We are not sure the exact release date, but sometime in the near future, Eminem will be releasing a new album.

Eminem has been relatively quiet in the past few years, especially in 2017. He did remind us that he was still on the map with his guest appearance in Big Sean’s most recent album, “I Decided.” He appeared in the song “No Favors” and teased us with the fact that he’s still out there, but laying low. Back in 2016, he also released a new single “Campaign Speech” which was a reminder that the dude can rap.

Just like old times, Dr. Dre has been working on producing Em’s album. We have heard from 2 Chainz that he has been in touch with Eminem and will even be featured on the album. The new album will most likely be a follow up to his most recent album, The Marshall Mathers LP2, which came out back in 2013.

Eminem will also be appearing in Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine’s documentary, The Defiant Ones, directed by Allen Hughes, which premiered on HBO last night.


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