Boogie Cousins Was Caught on Tape Telling Off Reporter

Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus Cousins is in hot water after confronting and attempting to intimidate a columnist.

Video surfaced on Friday night showing Cousins yelling at Sacramento Bee writer Andy Furillo after Monday night’s game against the LA Lakers. Furillo had written a column discussing a lawsuit against Cousins and his teammate Matt Barnes. The suit claims the men choked a woman and punched her boyfriend.

Furillo also referenced in the column an incident in a Tampa nightclub where Cousin’s brother, Jaleel, was arrested for punching a security guard. Jaleel is also a professional basketball player who plays in the NBA Development League.

Monday night was reportedly the first time Cousins had seen the reporter since the column was published, and he walked up to Furillo and said, “We’re going to have some real issues. Don’t ever mention my brother again. You don’t know my brother.”

Cousins then turned away and muttered, “F@$%ing coward.”

The Kings issued a statement saying they are reviewing the incident.


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