A Cyclist was Saved by Hero Benedict Cumberbatch After Being Attacked by Muggers

Benedict Cumberbatch is widely known British and American actor. He is the main actor is several movies and television series, including Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes. This past month, however, Benedict proved himself to be much more than just another celebrity.

This past week on Sunday June 2nd, a Deliveroo cyclist was being attacked by four muggers in London. Cumberbatch just happened to be in an Uber ride with his wife, Sophia Hunter, right around where the delivery man was being attacked.

Once Benedict saw the man being hit on the head with a glass bottle, he immediately jumped out of his Uber and ran towards the crime scene yelling “Leave him alone!”

According to the newspaper reports, the actor dragged the men off of the victim and began fighting. The muggers attempted to punch Benedict but he fought them off.

They fled soon after. The Uber driver also helped out in the scene. He was holding another mugger back as the rest were confronting Benedict. It is believed that once the muggers realized that it was Benedict fighting with them, they wanted to flee.

The Uber driver, Manuel Dias, commented on the incident. “The cyclist was very lucky, Benedict’s a superhero…He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was very brave. ” After the incident, the Deliveroo cyclist thanked Benedict, as well as the entire Deliveroo company.


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