How to Care for Your Skin in the Summer

The longer, warmer days feel like a blessing after months of the long, cold winter. However, shifting into a new season does bring new considerations when it comes to skincare. For some of us, the heat and humidity of summer can exacerbate dryness, while others struggle with increased oiliness and blemishes. Check out this guide to caring for your skin during the summer months. 

Skin Barrier

It’s super important to consider the skin barrier during the summer, when the levels of damaging UV are higher. Whatever your skin type, seek out a cleanser and moisturiser which contain ceramides, as these moisture-boosting ingredients will protect and strengthen your skin barrier.

Oil Reduction

If you’re struggling with oiliness (and the blemishes this can produce) seek out ingredients such as niacinamide, azelaic acid and clay. Each of these ingredients can help to absorb and reduce oiliness in the skin, thereby calming and soothing your complexion. 

Ice Application

Allergies, sun exposure and overheating can lead to increased puffiness in the face, especially around the eyes. Cool and calm your skin by using cucumber slices, wrapped ice cubes or an ice mask to de-puff your complexion and care for your skin. 


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