3 Outfits That Look Chic in the Rain

At this time of year, the promise of summer can still feel like a long way off. If you’re battling with grey skies and daily downpours, putting effort into a great outfit can feel like a waste of energy. Check out this simple and chic outfit options which will work in any weather and help to put that spring back in your step, even when the sun is hiding. 

Classic Trench

There’s a reason that trench coats remain so popular. They look great, offer decent protection against the surprisingly cold wind at this time of year, and are perfect if you get caught in a rain shower. You may want to take an umbrella if really heavy rain is forecast, but if you’re stepping in and out of buildings a trench coat will keep the worst of the rain off.

Dress Up Your Boots

Sandals go perfectly with airy summer dresses, but when the rain won’t stop you need something a little more sturdy on your feet. Why not try the classically cool look of heavy biker style boots with a light and pretty dress? Not only will your feet stay dry, you can enjoy channeling a little bit of punk as you go through your day. 

Cape Cool

A lightweight cape may be just what you’re looking for when it comes to styling yourself for spring rain. It will look super chic and cool, but won’t make you overheat in the warmer spring weather. Capes will protect you from a light rain shower, and if the sun comes out you only need to take it off to reveal your spring-ready outfit beneath.


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