3 Reasons to Get a Bob Haircut

The trend for shorter hair has been hard to miss over the past few years. Whether you’re walking down the street or flicking through the pages of a magazine, it seems like women everywhere are opting to have their hair cut into a bob (or something even shorter). If you’re contemplating getting your hair cut yourself, check out these three reasons to go for a bob.

Time Saver

It’s hard to argue with the fact that getting your hair cut shorter will save on washing and drying time. Depending on the thickness of your hair, going from long hair to a shoulder length bob can reduce drying time by two hours!

Cool Down

As we enter the warmer, sunnier months, getting your hair shortened can feel wonderfully cooling and freeing. If you keep it at shoulder length, you’ll still have plenty of styling options, while benefitting from the cooling effects of a shorter cut.

Hair Health

For most of us, getting a few inches taken off the ends of the hair is only going to improve hair health, strength and shininess. If you decide to go for a bob, you’ll find yourself running your fingers through your shorter hair, marvelling at its softness and shine. 


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