What to Do if You Missed Your Flight Connection

Have you ever found yourself sprinting through an airport, only to arrive at the gate just as it closes? Missing a flight connection is one of those travel nightmares that can throw your plans into chaos. Let’s walk through some practical tips on what to do if you miss your flight.

Contact the Airline Immediately

As soon as you realize you’re going to miss or have already missed your connecting flight, contact the airline’s customer service. This is crucial. Airlines typically have policies in place to assist passengers in such situations.

Compensation Eligibility

Your entitlements in the event of a missed connection can vary but it’s always worth looking into. For example, under EU law (EC 261), passengers are entitled to compensation when their flight lands at their destination more than three hours late. 

Make Use of Airport Amenities and Stay Informed

Finally, if you have a long time to wait for your next flight, see if you can access an airport lounge. Some credit cards offer complimentary lounge access that can provide a comfortable space to rest. You might also be entitled to a voucher for food. And, of course, keep an eye on flight boards and stay in touch with airline staff for updates.


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