3 Brand-New Action Comedies You Should See on the Big Screen


Action comedies are one of the most cinematic movie genres worth seeing on the big screen, and this spring is bringing quite a few our way. If the blend of comedy and action happens to be your idea of fun, here are three new films you should check out in theatres.

The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling’s latest film is a love letter to the stunt community, and it sees him play an aging stuntman. He must put his skills to the test after the lead actor of his latest movie goes missing and do everything in his power to save him in an attempt to impress his director ex.

Hit Man

Glen Powell is one of the most exciting comedy leads of his generation, and we’ll soon see him star in Richard Linklater’s Hit Man. This action rom-com centers on a college professor who moonlights as a hitman for the local police, until falling for one of his clients.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Bad Boys for Life did a great job reviving this action franchise, and its sequel is just around the corner. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are coming back for another wild ride as our favorite buddy cop duo, who’ll have to work outside of the law in an attempt to investigate corruption within the Miami PD.