Is TikTok’s Viral Mascara Cocktailing Beauty Trend Worth Trying?

TikTok has given us countless viral beauty trends, and mascara cocktailing is the next one in line. This makeup hack is all about mixing several different mascaras together to make your lashes long and lush, but why is everyone going crazy about it and should you give it a shot?

Best Lash Look

Mascara cocktailing experienced such a huge boom because those who swear by it say they got the best eye makeup look using this technique. This actually makes sense since this trend is all about mixing different wands with volumizing, thickening, and lengthening formulas to make your lashes truly pop.

@miadeluca This is how I get my lashes to stay up and curled all day 🙂 #mascarahacks #imgood #mascaragonewrong #blowdrylashes ♬ Miss You (Sped Up Version) – _

Quick, Cheap & Easy

You don’t have to break the bank or spend a lot of time trying this makeup hack, and that’s part of its appeal. You don’t even have to buy any new makeup products since you can simply mix the mascaras that you already have at home, and it just takes a few minutes to get it done.

Celebrity Beauty Hack

“Mascara cocktailing” may be a new term, but this technique has been around for a long time. Many celebrity makeup artists have been relying on this makeup hack for years to give their A-list clients eye makeup looks with a super full false lash vibe.

@jessicaalba Celebrating #NationalLashDay my fave way – #MascaraCocktail style 😜👁️✨ These are my lengthening and volumizing holy grails 👀 Celebrate with me and tag me in your glam pics or videos 🥂🥰 #SundayFunday #Fabulash #CleanBeauty ♬ Hey It’s Me – BCD Studio


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