5 Hidden Hostel Expenses Worth Keeping in Mind

Hostels are often hailed as the most affordable accommodation option, especially when you’re traveling light, but they have their downsides. Hostels are usually not as cheap as it first seems because they come with a long list of hidden expenses, and here are five worth keeping in mind.


Don’t expect a fancy breakfast at cheap hostels because many of them don’t have it in store. You’re in luck if breakfast is available, but it’s worth checking if you’ll have to pay extra for this perk.


Packing towels for your trip is quite a hustle, but you should consider doing it since hostels usually don’t offer them for free, and you’ll have to pay a rental fee to get one.

Organized Activities

Some of the activities that hostels offer, such as pub crawls and walking tours, are organized with local partners and they don’t come free of charge.

City Taxes

Just like hotels, hostels are usually required to collect city tax, but this extra fee will probably be specified before you finalize the booking.

Lockers & Padlocks

If you’re staying at a shared dorm, they’ll offer a locker where you can keep your belongings, but it’s possible you’ll have to buy a padlock or pay a deposit if you don’t have your own.


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