What’s Really Inside Subway’s Chicken?

When ordering a chicken sandwich at a Subway store, one can only assume that what they’re receiving is actually chicken. However, little do they know that what they’re getting is only partially chicken. One DNA researcher at Trent University Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory found out that the meat presented in the roasted chicken sandwich consists of only 57% chicken, while the sandwiches containing chicken strips are made up of only 43% real chicken. The researcher determined the remainder of the product to be a variation of mostly soy. This percentage was less than the majority of Subway’s fast food competitors, such as McDonald’s, whose chicken is 85% real, and Wendy’s, whose chicken is 89% real. There is no denying that chicken at fast food restaurants won’t always be 100% real as when purchasing meat at a grocery store or butchery. However, Subway’s percentages are drastically low, barely reaching the halfway mark. Not surprisingly, Subway immediately counter argued these findings but stating that the chicken they sell consists of only one percent or less of soy. They assured their customers that they would immediately look into this investigation and make certain that the chicken they are serving meets the standards of their company.