We Can’t Stop Thinking About Caitlin Clark WNBA Draft Look

Basketball fans all over the world were watching Caitlin Clark as she stepped onto the 2024 WNBA Draft red carpet. But what we didn’t expect was that the 22-year-old star would also be making fashion history. Clark walked out wrapped in Prada from head to toe and here’s why we’re still buzzing about it.

Prada Pioneers with Caitlin Clark

For the first time, luxury fashion house Prada ventured into the realm of basketball by dressing a player for the WNBA Draft, selecting none other than Caitlin Clark. Clark dazzled in a Prada ensemble that featured a rhinestone mesh crop top and a sleek mini skirt.

Affordable Beauty on a Luxury Stage

While Clark’s outfit tallied up to over $27,000, including Prada accessories and John Hardy jewelry, her beauty look was surprisingly accessible. Styled by celebrity makeup artist Raisa Flowers, Clark’s makeup featured products from Glossier, known for its minimalist, budget-friendly approach. 

A Trendsetter On and Off the Court

The choice of outfit and makeup is a telling sign of the evolving fashion landscape in women’s sports. No longer confined to traditional athletic endorsements, top female athletes like Clark are now engaging with luxury fashion brands and beauty products, bringing a new level of style and visibility to their public appearances. 


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