The Most Common Fears in the U.S

Everyone has different preferences and tastes that make them unique and shape their decisions. Some people prefer salty snacks while some prefer sweet treats. Some people love the color yellow while others cringe at the thought of ever wearing such a bright color.

Some people are adamant about their love for dogs while others can’t live without their 50 kitties. Regardless of people’s different preferences, preferences exist for everyone. Likewise, everyone is scared of something. A person’s fears can be just as defining as their likes and tastes. Here are a few of the most common fears presented by people in the U.S.

The Most Common Fears in the U.S

Social Fears. Social phobias are very real and may be experienced by significantly more people than you man originally realize. About one in every 20 people suffers from a social fear. These fears include, but are not limited to; eating in front of others, being in large crowds, meeting new people, and many more.

The Most Common Fears in the U.S

A less common fear, but one that still widely exists among society is agoraphobia. Agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces. This phobia can cause people to never want to leave their homes and may prevent them from living normal, everyday lives. Acrophobia, or, a fear of heights, is one of the more common fears.

Acrophobia can cause people to avoid roller coasters when they go to amusement parks, only live in ranch style homes, and drive hundreds of miles instead of getting on an airplane. On a side note, people who specifically fear flying suffer from pteromerhanophobia.

Regardless of who you are and how you handle your fears, know that you are not alone and that everyone suffers from some sort of fear, whether they show it or not.


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